Countdown to Dublin!

Just a few weeks until we leave for our Dublin adventure.  I will be heading there with my Mom, for her first trip out of the country.  We are excited to see Ireland, which is the land of some of our ancestors.

7 thoughts on “Countdown to Dublin!

  1. Good Morning to the two of you, I feel like I am on the trip with you, the two of you are such great story tellers, the pictures are really great, I could just see Barb jumping as the statues came to life, that must have been a great moment for you guys, LOL.
    Stay safe and continue to enjoy.

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  2. Good morning to the two of you,
    Well it sure looks like you are enjoying yourselves over there, makes me feel cheated by not being with you, it looks beautiful and very interesting, really love the stories and pictures you have posted, keep it up.
    J & J


  3. It is now 12:07 A.M. here looks like you two are having toooooooo much fun, but that’s a very good thing, the pictures tell so much about what you guys are encountering on this vacation. well done on everyone’s part, I feel like I am right there with you two, I thank you for this opportunity to be able to enjoy things as you two explore Ireland, good for you guys. I always look forward to your comments and pictures, what a nice way to start my day or in this case end my day, it is late, so I will say good night and I will check again in the A,M.


  4. First of all let me say the POSE was just perfect, you never looked so good, my first question is does Ireland get tons of rain, is it similar to England the weather? you guys look great and well rested at this point. once again love following your trip. I will keep it short and just tell you to stay safe and enjoy.
    Brick (AKA Uncle Johnny)


  5. today looked like another great one and the two of you look like this is the real thing and enjoying every moment, good for you guys, however it is sad to think it is almost over already, but what memories the two of you will have for such a very long time to come, have a great nights sleep and continue on…
    J & J


  6. thank you for this trip I learned so much by having the two of you in Ireland, you are both great tour guides. have a safe trip home.
    love you both
    J & J


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