The Journey Continues

It is a leisurely journey. On day two of a three day journey to get to Dublin. Mom and I wanted to travel together, which meant that I had to get to Newark to catch the flight to Dublin. I left a day early to make sure there weren’t any travel hiccups. 

The flight to San Francisco yesterday morning was lovely. Skies were blue and the remains of the supermoon followed me there. Long wait at SFO but had a nice breakfast and ran into a Eugenean in the food court. The flight to Newark was a little bumpy. it was 9:30pm by the time I was checked into the hotel room. Even with the time difference, I was tired!

Slept really well in a comfy bed and had a leisurely morning. then off to the airport, where I spent time waiting in the United Club. I promise the blog will get more exciting once we finally arrive in Dublin!!

Mom made it safely to the airport. She took Brad’s advice and brought her fleece and raincoat. 

We had a nice dinner and a glass and a half of wine each. that put us in a good mood. Now we are at the gate waiting to board …

From Mom:  leaving NJ hot and humid here.  I am in a cool airport with Sue.  So far a great beginning. Learning about the technology. We had a delicious meal and wine.  I am excited to think I will be in Ireland in the morning. 


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