Hello Dublin!

It is the end of Day #1 and boy are we tired!  We arrived in Dublin at about 6:30 AM.  Of course, we got little sleep on the overnight flight. FortuGunately the hotel had our room ready when we arrived at 8 AM. It is a very nice hotel with a great location. The initial testing of the beds at this afternoon’s nap was quite favorable. Mom has been trained by the Master Gardeners all about bed bugs, so we can rest easy knowing we don’t have any here. 
Highlight from the day … has to be the people we met so far. After a quick clean up after check-in, we went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. There we met Anne, a lovely woman from London who is traveling with her American husband. We chatted with her quite a bit. My question of everyone is… What is your favorite thing to see or do in Dublin.  She had a few suggestions, starting with the hop-on hop-off bus.    

 After breakfast, we headed over to Grafton Street, a nice pedestrian only street with shops and restaurants.  

And entertainment. We saw this set up on the street:

 Mom wanted to see what it was made of, so she went over and touched one of the arms. The man was very still, and as she turned away, he stomped his foot. She sure jumped in surprise!

Then off to meet with our City of a Thousand Welcomes ambassador. We sure lucked out with Stephen Walsh. We chatted with him for a couple of hours over tea and cakes. At the end, Mom asked him what business he is in. He said we must not watch QVC, as he has been on often, selling Connemara marble. His family owns and operates a quarry to extract the marble that they sell raw and turn into gifts and jewelery.   

We were starting to flag a bit so we decided to take the bus tour. About half way through we both were napping, so we headed back to the hotel for a real nap. 

From Mom:  Our hotel is excellent.  Ireland is not what I thought it would be.  Such a busy city with  people  speaking languages from different countries.  It is so easy to talk to anyone, and they are eager to help  if we need that.  Our ambassador  told us a lot  we could not have found out on our own.  The tour buses are on a schedule making it easy to hop on and off to visit a place of interest along the way.  We didn’t do that today.  The day was full giving into to a nap before dinner.  We found a pub with music, being entertained as we ate.  Irish Stew and Shepherd’s Pie – two great choices.  Good day and nice memories. 


2 thoughts on “Hello Dublin!

  1. I loved Grafton Street!! John and I were just laughing yesterday reminiscing about the time he was a good sport and agreed, for my sake, to a bus tour out to Gallway Bay. We got all the way out there and he refused to get back on the bus, because the tour guide’s voice was driving him nuts. I was panicked; we were in the middle of nowhere and scared we would never get back to the city. It turned out there was ONE bus back every evening. It ended up being a lovely afternoon, we walked around the countryside, met some awesome people, and wrapped it up by enjoying garlic potato pancakes in a little family cafe.

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