History and Religion

From Mom: Oh what a day we had! Porridge, as the Irish call oatmeal, with mixed berries for breakfast – yum! Food is always good to write about.  (Sue:  The server asked if I wanted cinnamon on my oatmeal. If you know me, you know I said YES to that. She came back a minute later to tell me they were out. I said fine. Next thing we know, she is running out the door.  When she came back, my oatmeal arrived with cinnamon on it.)  


Heading out the day was a little chilled, sunny, and great for walking and to do a little shopping. Then on to the Jeanie Johnston. The Jeanie Johnston is a replica of a ship that sailed the ocean from Ireland to America at the time of the potato famine.  (From Sue:  The ship is next to a memorial to the famine survivors and victims.  It was a very moving sight.) 


The story told was so sad, but well told by our guide, Ray. The Irish are proud of an immigrant who landed in the USA, became successful, and ultimately gave birth to the first Catholic, Irish President – John Kennedy.   


By the end of the Jeanie Johnston tour we felt hungry . We found a great place to eat, AVOCA, and lunch was colorful and delicious. Walking again we caught the hip-hop bus to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The Cathedral was interesting as it had many beautiful stained glass windows, wood carved trimmings, elaborate alter cloths dating 100 years, high arched ceilings, etc. So beautiful. We stayed for the Evensong service listening to the beautiful voices of the choir. We did some shopping in the Cathedral. It was 6pm when we left to go outdoors to a chilly night. (From Sue:  The floor reminded me of a beautiful quilt  and we were ale to do some brass rubbings, which is always fun.)   

We walked several blocks to a restaurant, listened to Irish music and ate our Irish stew and Cottage Pie. So good. Three people from Minnesota sat next to us and as always, were friendly, so we chatted about what we did and what they did. That is a nice part of the Irish crowd, they are friendly.

Walking back to the hotel we passed through the center of the Temple Bar night life that was absolutely amazing and exciting. At one point all was quiet as we walking down the center of the street, with people lined along the sidewalks and musicians on the other side. All of a sudden the amplifiers blasted out a drum roll of some kind that sent me jumping.

We are back in the hotel. No wash cloths for the second night. I called to the desk and asked if the Irish use wash cloths. He said “sometimes”. We got 3 wash cloths in quick time.

From Sue: We are definitely going to run out of time before we run out of interesting things to see and do in Dublin!!

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