Guinness and Gaol

After a nice 12 hour sleep, we began the day that was a little dreary, but warm, and headed out to breakfast. Porridge at Costa Coffee where we met a friendly Irish woman. After chatting we decided to not take her suggestion of taking a tour of a cemetery. Of course she didn’t know that.   

Instead we headed out towards the handy hop-on hop-off bus again  On our way there, we stopped to admire the statue of sweet Molly Malone  There was a tour guide there with about a dozen young boys  He got them all singing …”Alive, alive-o, alive alive-o, selling cockles and muscles, alive, alive-o!”  

We headed out to the Kilmainham Gaol (jail) for a tour. The decision to do that was based on another suggestion from a friendly traveler we met. It was a long wait to get in, so we sat in the tea room and talked to a friendly Irish couple with their baby On the tour, we learned about the political executions during the rebellion of 1916. Awful!

The cells were small and dark and sometimes had five or six people in them at a time. 

 On to our next suggested and planned destination which was the Guinness factory. 

 Up, up to the 5th floor for a taste of Guinness Beer and looking out over the city. Believe me we worked for that as the elevator took us to the 2nd floor, and we climbed the rest of the way.  On our way, we saw a fun clock display. Of course, Mom needed her photo there!

As you may know, it takes a while to pour a Guinness. We enjoyed watching the show. We decided to go for a half pint each.  Those are our two mini beers among all the big glasses.  

Then to hold a glass of cold beer and walk down to the 5th floor for some Guinness Stew in the cafe. Whew – what an experience. The beer was goooooood!

Having waited and waited and waited to get from point A to point B,etc., we decided to walk the last few blocks back to our hotel. Despite the overcast day, we never got a drop of rain. 

Now down to the lounge for a glass of plain ole Red wine. Getting to bed early as we have to be out early tomorrow for our Newgrange tour.  

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