Last Day

No plans for the day. We decided to do what we felt was the best for the last. First up was another bowl of great porridge in the cafe around the corner. It did not disappoint.
We then walked in a slight drizzle to Trinity College to buy a ticket to the Book Of Kells Exhibit. After asking several people about the Exhibit and getting responses like, ‘Oh it was great, best exhibit I ever saw, was worth the wait, you’ll love it, etc.’, I was not anxious to go to the exhibit. (Note from Sue: I have always loved illuminated manuscripts, so this was on my must-see list. Mom came along for the ride.)

To my astonishment it was all of the above but more. The exhibit highlighted all aspects of the design, art work, and lettering in large displays to read prior to the actual view of the page. There is a story to tell behind every single letter, picture, layout, etc. of this amazing 600+ page text. The miracle of the Kells are the monks of great artistic skills and dedication to reproduce the story. We loved it. We had the chance to walk through a beautiful old library room on our way out, with a picture perfect setting (no photos allowed in the book exhibit though).

On Mom’s must-see list was a castle. Having never been out of the US before, she has never seen a real castle … so we headed out to the only one around. Dublin Castle was walking distance from the hotel. We signed up for noon tour and began underneath the building we were in. The castle was preserved when construction began on site for modern office buildings. Archeologists knew the history could not be destroyed and so the construction went on as planned, but over the ruins. We got to see some of the original city wall and the original tower, which no longer stand. Our tour also took us to the church on the grounds which is a replica of the original.

Another great lunch a Avoca and then back to the hotel to take a nap, pack, and end the day with a glass of wine.

Great trip and now to understand the Proud Irish and the struggles of the country to gain independence. The Great Famine reduced the population by 1/3 due to starvation and immigration but they survived and have continued to grow. Ireland is a beautiful country with warm hearted people.

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