On our way!

After more than a year of planning, we are finally on our way to Scotland, where we plan to spend an entire month!  It was an early start, with an alarm at 2:45 AM.  Mom is staying at our house while we are gone, so she served as taxi service.  

Everything has gone well so far.  We used miles to get BusinessFirst class tickets for the flight.  The first leg was from Eugene to Denver, and now we are in the airport enjoying the United Club passes that come with the tickets.  Even though it is a lot more comfortable flying first class, it is still darned early to be up and about!!

While I am starting the blog, we are also Pokemon Go hunting.  So far I have gotten two new Pokes (Hypno and Kadabra)!  There is one Poke that can only be caught in Europe, so all of you will be jealous when we catch that one.

We are flying to Edinburgh and will arrive at about 8AM.  Our friends are flying today too, and we will meet them at the apartment that we rented near the Royal Mile.  Not sure what else the day will have in store for us, but we will tell you later.

The general itinerary is one week in Edinburgh, a few days in Fort William, then a week on a barge on the Caledonian Canal, a few days in Inverness, and finally a week or so in the northeastern corner of Scotland, which is the land of my ancestors (represented by a rabbit on the map above, which also happens to be Brad’s Chinese zodiac symbol).  I plan to do some genealogy research on this trip, while Brad will do some scotch research of his own.

We will likely post an update about every day, so check back if you’re interested in seeing how the trip is progressing.

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