How many hours have we been awake?

As you know, we left Eugene on Tuesday morning, very very early.  We arrived in Edinburgh today, Wednesday, at about 8AM.  It’s now 5PM local time in Edinburgh, and I think we’ve been awake for the better part of 30 hours, if my math is correct.  It’s all we can do to keep our eyes open at the moment.

The flight was very good.  Everything ran on time, and the better class of service made the trip much more comfortable.  We had our own individual “sleeping pods” which sound good in theory, but not much sleeping happened.  The bigger, more comfortable seats definitely made a difference in how we felt when we got here, though. We caught the convenient airlink bus from the airport to Waverly Station downtown, and it was a short walk to the apartment we rented.  It was a short walk, but all up hill.  And then we carried our bags up three flights of stairs.  We were hot and sweaty and tired, but it was definitely worth it once we arrived.  

The apartment is lovely.  We are sharing with some other friends from Eugene, and there is plenty of room for all.  Nice kitchen, two great bedrooms and bathrooms, and a beautiful living room.  If you want to get a feeling for the place, look at the booking information. They can take better photos than we would be able to achieve: 

We’ve done some walking around this afternoon and found the grocery store.  Brad got us local phone SIM cards for a couple of our old phones so we can find each other and call local numbers while we’re here. While getting around Edinburgh today, I caught the Europen Poke already … I know you all are jealous. Mr. Mime.  

We are really trying hard to stay up to “dinner time”, even if dinner is really early.  I think I will quit now.  More tomorrow, after we have a good night’s sleep.

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