Getting acclimated

Wow.  We all slept quite late this morning.  All that traveling with little sleep wore us out.  We had a day of getting acclimated to the time zone and to our new neighborhood.

Mostly we walked.  Our first destination was Grassmarket, which our server told us about yesterday.  She said there was something for everyone there, which turned out to be accurate.

 There was a lovely cheese shop, where we got some bread and a local cow’s milk cheese.  We visited an unusual shop that sold things in bottles, like vinegars and liquors.  We got a nice bramble whiskey in a beautiful square bottle.  Hal was happy to find a used clothing store, and wanted to get all Outlander.

After all that shopping and walking, we obviously needed some refreshment so we sought out Panda & Sons.  On the outside it looks like a barber, but if you go in, down the stairs and through the door that looks like a book shelf, you’ll wind up in a quite nice pub with interesting drinks.

We tried a few of the “normal” kind of mixed drinks, which were very interesting.  Dee Ann had one that had a little bit of (lit) incense clipped on the edge of the glass.  

I took a quiet moment to call my mom.  While we were on the phone, Brad ordered one of the house specialties.  It was some kind of mixed drink, and it is served under a glass dome that is filled with a clove and cinnamon smoke.  Well, the server said this never happened before, but his drink set off the smoke alarm!  I had to hang up on mom and go see what was happening.​  It was certainly memorable.  Can’t figure out how to attach the video here, unfortunately … Maybe I’ll try Facebook.

Off then to see Greyfriar’s Bobby.  He is the faithful dog that wouldn’t leave his owner’s side, even after he died.  He sat at the gravestone patiently waiting.  He is memorialized in a very nice statue, which everyone has to use as a photo opportunity.  We did a little more walking around and then headed back to our apartment early.  I am hoping that by tomorrow, a 7:30AM  alarm will seem like a normal occurrence.

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