Fun and games, and searching.

I started my search for dead ancestors yesterday by heading over to the National Registry of Scotland.  They have a research room dedicated to family history searches.  You have to reserve a seat at a computer for 15 pounds for the day.  There you can access all the vital records – birth, marriage, death – as well as some records that didn’t apply to my family, such as military service, property ownership and wills and testaments.  Here’s a sample of the 1881 census with my 2x great grandparents, James and Helen, and their kids Robert, William and James.  My great grandfather, John, was the oldest and had already left the house.  Although they weren’t wealthy, they did have more “rooms with one or more window” than other folks on the same page in the census book (3).I found lots of interesting vital records that I wasn’t able to find or access from home, so it was well worth the trip.  I also did some research for a friend that I met recently, who also happens to have ancestors from the same small town in Caithness!!

The rest of the tribe went their own ways while I researched.  Brad and Hal climbed up the Scott Monument for a nice view over the city.  Then they headed over for a whiskey tasting.  Dee Ann walked her 20,000 steps.  We topped it all off with a lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant, and a hand of cards.


This morning, we headed out early to go to the Highland Games in Pitlochry.  It was a group tour and it was about 1-1/2 hours away by bus.  It was great craic!  It was like a local track meet, with grammar school relays, hammer throws and tossing the caber, along with a parade with bagpipe bands, bike races, a tug of war battle and highland dancing.  At any given time, there were at least three or four wildly different events to watch.  Pitlochry is a small town of less than 3,000 people, and they expect twice that many people for the one-day event.  Despite the head count, it didn’t feel especially crowded as we walked around the cute town.

When we got back, we decided to try another cuisine for dinner, so we went to Kathmandu for Nepalese food, which none of us has ever had before.  It was delicous, although I think we may have confused our server by our requests for when we wanted certain parts of our meals.  Some frozen yogurt to go, and we had a nice walk back to end the evening.  The last picture is Dee Ann and Hal waving from the living room window of our apartment.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day … Stay tuned.

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