The next phase of the journey begins

Our time in Edinburgh came to an end today.  We were sad to leave our very beautiful and comfy apartment but exciting adventures await.  We packed everything up and walked down the big hill to Edinburgh’s Waverly Station.  We are starting to get the hang of the Scotland train thing.  Brad took an interesting panorama of the platform while we waited for our coach to arrive.

It was a two part journey.  First was a train to Glasgow’s Queen Street Station, then a transfer to another train to Fort William.  The Fort William train also had two parts and we sat in the back coaches to head towards Maillig, while the front coaches split off at an intermediate station and headed towards Oban.  It was a five hour trip altogether, with most of the scenery quite rural and beautiful.  A couple of examples are below in the photos I shot from the moving train.  We saw some hawks, a heron, lots of sheep and cows, but no stags.  One area had a lot of trees that were pulled up from the roots, all falling in a similar direction, which we think meant there was a big wind storm at one point or another.  There was also a section that was backpacker country.  We imagined that some of the people we saw hiking along the route were Jim and Becky, and we waved, but they didn’t see us.  

We arrived in Fort William a bit after four and headed over to our new digs.  The apartment is up the hill within walking distance of the downtown area.  The furnishings themselves are not as lovely as what we had in Edinburgh, but the view from the deck can’t be beat.

We took a walk around downtown and refreshed our larder for our three day stay.  Afterwards, we headed over to the Grog and Gruel for a cold one.  It was an interesting place.  While we were there enjoying our beer and/or cider, a giant St. Bernard came in for a drink … we’ll have what she’s having!!  

Then it was off to the seafood restaurant, the Crannog, where we had some lovely fish for dinner.  Our crowd is into gin and tonics these days.  At the Crannog, you order your gin and your tonic separately, and the tonic came in a very petite bottle, which Brad wanted to share with y’all.  Everyone came back to the Old Harbormaster (our home for the next few days) and we all crashed early.  

The rest of the crew from Eugene arrives in Fort William tomorrow. We are still going our separate ways until we meet for dinner on Friday, but it will be fun to run into one or two of them on the streets! Our little group of four has another fun adventure planned, so same bat time, same bat channel for an update tomorrow.

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