Loch Oich

Yesterday was canoe day! All of us decided to canoe the first part of the morning, along the canal from Gairlochy into Loch Oich. Chris, first mate, was our guide. It was a lovely day, with a slight breeze heading into the right direction to help us along.

The journey included some fun diversions. For instance, we stopped to look at an old barge that’s not in use anymore, and then we headed through a patch of reeds. As we canoed up the canal, we thought about the men nearly 200 years ago that built it all by hand. It is hard to imagine how difficult that work must have been.
We stopped at one historic marker along the way at the Well of the Seven Heads. It is a gruesome story about revenge among the clans. The monument represents the seven severed heads, with the hand and dagger that severed them.
We had a little time before lunch, so several folks decided to take a swim in the Loch. Hal went first, in his swimsuit, and declared that the water was not as cold as Lake Superior. Peter, Lori and Brad also took a dip, but they wore wetsuits and took hot showers afterwards.
After lunch (lovely onion soup and homemade bread, chicken pate, mackerel salad, and accompaniments), Brad and I opted for a leisurely stroll with Lori and Peter. Our intention was to walk for about an hour and then come back to the barge to nap, but we had such a nice walk that we wound up being gone for several hours. The walk included a look at the ruins of Invergarry Castle, some tea and scones at the nearby hotel, and a nature walk around a stream. 

 Fortunately, we found the Internet at the hotel. We immediately took advantage.  Nan came by later and looked in the door marked Internet so she could see what the Internet actually looks like, but it was only a storage area for chairs and things.  

Dinner was either mushroom or pork stroganoff, with baked greens, carrots and potatoes, followed by a lemon/lime caramel custard and, of course, the cheese.  We stayed anchored in Loch Oich near the castle for the night.

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