The rest of the day in Fort Augustus

Where we left off … Ros Crana was at the top of the lock staircase waiting for her turn to descend, while being watched by conference goers.  Hal got a job working as Bosun-in-Training, or Robby the Bosun’s Bosun. He did a great job walking the barge’s ropes from lock to lock.


While we went through the locks, the international canal conference-goers came by to see the locks in action, and Martin told them a bit about his business model.  We entertained them with music … Martin’s partner plays the bagpipes (where was Jim for that??) and Norman and Annie played the concertina and Nan sang along for a time.  There was a videographer taking footage for the Scottish Canal system.  We are told it should be up on YouTube next week … I will let you know!  We finally got a peek at Nessie …

Dinner was wonderful again, of course.  We had a choice of a vegetable cassoulet or venison in ale, along with tatties, corn and parsnips.  Dessert, which was served carefully by Simon himself, was tiramisu, but we still had to leave room for the cheese course.  I also captured the moment when Hal decided to tell a boat joke.


This was a very noisy evening. Lori got started on the wine early and didn’t make it all the way through the map session tonight, though.  We decided to postpone the dance party (Scottish dance, that is) until tomorrow when hopefully she will be awake.  

The boys, and Becky, decided to head out for a drink in town, while the rest of us stayed in for the evening.  While writing this, I am hearing a preview of tomorrow’s music … Norman is warming up the harp, which sounds lovely.

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