On to Foyers

We overnighted in Fort Augustus, so Brad and I took a short walk before breakfast to find the wi-fi and post the latest blog update. Fortunately, the Bothy has free service and our crew knew the password from having closed down the bar last night (at 9:30).


We had a choice of cruising on the barge or taking a 14 mile bike ride, the first 6 miles of which was uphill. Needless to say, we elected to cruise, but several of the folks took off on wheels. Becky is the only one who made it up the hill without walking part-way.

The cruise was about two hours all on Loch Ness. The loch itself is very large and we are taking two days to enjoy it. Today’s cruise was to a place called Foyers (refer to the map from a previous post). We will overnight here and probably spend the morning tomorrow too.  Lovely lunch again: potato leek soup with a chili and sun dried tomato bread (the best yet), followed by coronation chicken (need recipe!), veggie rice and salad. That gave us the energy for the afternoon’s activities.

There were three groups of activities today. The first group got outfitted in their wetsuits and spare shoes and jackets from the boat, as well as helmets and PFDs, and set off in the canoes for an adventure. As I write this, they are still out so I will tell you about it later … but this is an activity that Brad and I participated in when we first went on this cruise many years ago and it was very fun.


The second group set off walking around the bay. The last group was me and Dee Ann, who elected to go sailing with Martin in the Falmouth Bass boat. After a very short lesson, Martin gave Dee Ann the jib and me the tiller, and he took the main sail. We headed out into Loch Ness, where the wind was curious. Sometimes it was nearly dead, and other times we had large waves crashing around and tossing us about. Martin is a great activity leader and we knew he had us well in hand, but there were some scary exciting moments. We cut the sail off a bit short because of the strong winds, which was OK by both of us!

Now I am back on deck, typing away to let you, dear readers, know what is happening. I won’t be able to post for a couple of days, though, because Nessie appears to have eaten the Internet.

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