We made it to Inverness

We knew this day had to come, but it was a little sad to leave the barge and our friends, old and new. Breakfast was as usual, but the boat set out at 8:30 in order to meet the schedule for going through the locks. This was the first bit of barge cruising that some of our barge-mates were able to enjoy, since they were out biking, hiking, canoeing and otherwise for the rest of the trip!
As we went down the last set of locks, Norman and Annie serenaded us with the concertina and whistle. We shared the locks with the Scottish Highlander, another large hotel barge, and their guests were jealous of our musicians!

After going through the lock staircase, we had one more swing bridge to go through. You can see in this photo how the roadway swings out of the way to let the larger boats go through. Apparently only one of the two swing bridges in Inverness can open at a time because one time they were both open at the same time and they both had a problem closing.

When we docked the barge, we had time for a short bit of tea with everyone before we went our separate ways. Dee Ann, Hal, Brad and I shared a taxi … Their hotel is a block away from where we are staying.
Our digs in Inverness are small but nice enough. Here’s the link to the website: King Street Apartment. We were able to drop off our big suitcases in the vestibule, but couldn’t get into the apartment for several hours.
We wandered around Old Town Inverness, hitting the tourist information center (where we ran into Claire, from the barge), Starbucks, and a few shops. We were both a bit tired and had some of our belongings that we didn’t want to leave in the vestibule with us, so walking around wasn’t that much fun. But we carried on. We discovered the Marks & Spencer grocery store and loaded up with breakfast and dinner items.

Finally we were able to get into the apartment. We carried our groceries, as well as our big bags, up to the second floor apartment. By then we were really done for the day! I did manage to get a blog posting done, but that was about it.

Dee Ann and Hal came over for dinner. We had salad, charcuterie, smoked salmon, bread, and for dessert, raspberries and cream with shortbread. It was a nice few hours, and then they were gone, off to Amsterdam the next morning.

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