Quiet Saturday

Well, for the first time on this vacation, we are on our own.  Most of our friends have scattered and we have to come up with our own itinerary and activities.  Oh boy.

For Saturday, we needed a quiet day and we got one.  Not too much on the agenda.  We packed up and mailed some stuff back home in order to lighten our luggage a bit. The customer service person at the PO was extremely helpful.  She walked us through every single step of sending a package home, including literally walking us over to the line to pay postage and standing there while we completed the transaction.  Wow.


Then we walked around a bit to get our bearings.  Our apartment is located in a convenient part of town, very near the Old Town.  We are a block away from a pedestrian bridge that was built in 1881.  As we walk across it, it bounces with our steps.

We spent some time trying to get a dinner reservation at a place with gluten free options, but as it turns out, trying to get a dinner reservation on Saturday, the night before the marathon, is a no-go proposition.  We tried the Fig & Thistle, which looked promising, but they were completely sold out.  Since we were there when it opened for lunch, we decided to have a bite.  I think it was lucky we were first in the door when they opened.  They turned folks away who didn’t have lunch reservations!  It was very tasty.  I had a baked goat cheese over figs & caramelized onions over a pastry crust, while Brad had a chicken & bacon Caesar salad.  

In our travels, we went to Leakey’s, a used book and map store that Claire (from the barge) recommended.  What an interesting place!  One thing that was particularly odd is that it has a large wood stove in the center … That’s how the place is heated!  We found a couple of old prints that had to come home with us.

We were coordinating plans with Lori and Peter, who were out touring distilleries.  We finally figured out how to connect (which is difficult if you don’t have cell service … How in the world did we used to do that??) and decided to go to a Mediterranean place right next to the River Ness.  It was a good choice and we had a nice time catching up with our friends over good food before they head out to the Isle of Skye.

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