Out and About

Another fine day in Inverness, and the possibilities are endless.  Brad made breakfast … Irish pancakes (in the toaster) with Scottish butter and New York maple syrup (left here for us by the host).  They were surprisingly good!  Then we headed out from our apartment, which is next to the computer store.  We decided to walk down towards the marathon, and who should we run into but Lori and Peter!  They were just getting ready to go out of town.  It was nice to see some friendly faces from home on our morning walk.

The Loch Ness Marathon started at 10 AM near Foyers, which you may remember from when we were on the barge.  There was also a 5K and 10K, and a Wee Nessie run.  There was food and entertainment and general merriment.  The best part, though, was when Brad got to meet Nessie herself, who is also apparently a Ducks fan.  They “threw the O” together

Off to lunch at the Black Isle Bar for some wood fired pizza.  It was a very nice place and we enjoyed the food and beverages.

Then we started our walk to the next stop … The Dolphin Spirit for a cruise around the firths.  We took some pictures along the way.

The boat can hold 70 people, but today we had 5 (yes, just 5). It was nice to head out with such an uncrowded vessel, almost like a private tour.  We were prepared for whatever weather showed up, and several kinds did … Sun, wind, rain and even rainbows!

Unfortunately, we didn’t see any dolphins, but we had a nice time anyway.  Then we walked back to town and had dinner in the apartment with leftovers from the other night.

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