A short update

Today didn’t go as planned.  This will be short update, without photos!

The plan was to pick up our rental car in Inverness and drive to Wick.  This was stressing Brad out because he was worried about me driving on the left-hand side, with a standard transmission car (shift with your left hand!), in a foreign country where we don’t know where we’re going.  I was OK with it, but it wasn’t to be.

We arrived a few minutes early to pick up our car, as we usually do.  No car.  Several other people were there waiting too, and they had 9:30 pick up times.  Hmm.  Not off to a good start.  After a few minutes, the rental car staff person disappeared for about an hour.  Then he came back and said they had no cars.

In the mean time, we were trying to decide what to do.  Should we wait until they produce a car?  Try to find another rental car company?  Take the train?  At about 12:15, with no car in sight, we decided to give up on that plan and take the train.  It was scheduled to leave at 2 and arrive in Wick at 6:22PM (after 24 stops).

So we waited a couple of hours for the train to arrive.  Then we got on the train and rode for 4-1/2 hours, so it was an 8-1/2 hour sitting day.  Urgh.  Sure will bring the average step count down.

But the train ride was beautiful.  The first part of it went along the coast line.  We saw lots of birds, oil rigs, WW2 installations, rainbows and lovely landscapes.  Then the train headed inland for a while, which was also very scenic.  Cows, sheep, pheasants, Hawks, ancient stone fences, streams, lochs, etc.

We finally arrived in Wick, on time.  It was still light out, but it was starting to rain, and the wind picked up quite a bit.  We decided to walk the 1/2 mile to our place, since no taxis were in sight.  

We got to our apartment, which is very lovely.  We will post some photos tomorrow.  The host left us a few edibles and some fresh flowers, which was so nice of her.  She was in a terrible car accident last week and is home recuperating.  We got to meet her for a little bit.

Anyway, we went back out to get something for dinner at the local market.  It is a fine market and we found some chicken and rice dishes that we could microwave, along with some alcohol of course.

Brad has taken a shower and gone to bed, and I am about to take my first bath since coming to Scotland (NOT my first washing, however, ha ha).  There is a very inviting soaking tub and I prepared by getting some bath supplies at Lush when we were in Inverness.  

As I write this, the wind is howling loudly out there.  We were debating what to do about getting around since we don’t have a car, but the idea of foot and bicycle isn’t very feasible with this weather!!  More tomorrow.

One thought on “A short update

  1. My iPhone weather tells me it’s windy and rainy where you two are. It sounds like you’re settling in, and dealing well with unanticipated travel woes. So: last night was the first US presidential candidates debate. NPR estimated 100 million viewers, between broadcast television and streaming venues. You didn’t miss much. Whatever you can imagine, was said. Nothing changed my choice of candidate. There – all caught up on news from back home!


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