More from yesterday

Hurray!  The Internet is working and I have my phone, so a few more tidbits about yesterday. 

Here are a few photos of our cute cottage. 

We had a good nights sleep in the comfy bed, but the wind was really howling. They are expecting gusts of up to 70 mph tonight. 

The couple that owns the place built it themselves. She runs a nonprofit and he works on the offshore oil rigs. 

One more story I forgot to tell you about yesterday. While we were waiting for our train, a man sitting next to me asked me if I was from the Orkney Islands. I thought that was an odd question, but it was because of my book.

When we were at Waterstone’s, the bookstore in the mall in Inverness, I picked this out. He knows the author and wanted to take my photo with the book to send to the author.  I started it last night and so far it is very good. 

That’s it for now. More later if the Internet cooperates. 

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