Getting to know the ‘hood

(Reposting as a “blog post” instead of a “site post”).We slept well last night, although not very long. I was up and wide awake at 5 AM. We decided to dedicate this day to getting to know our neighborhood and orienting ourselves to London in general. Our Airbnb is very nice. It is in Kensington (for those of you who know London neighborhoods), near Kensington Palace and Garden. It is a one bedroom and one bath downstairs, and a kitchen/eating/living area at street level. Here’s a peek if you’re interested: There’s a gourmet grocery store a half block away, along with an assortment of restaurants. We’re just a few blocks from a main street with whatever services we might need or a tube line to get us where we want to go. We started our morning by looking for a cafe to have breakfast, since we didn’t get to a store last night as we had originally hoped. We found the Cote Brasserie, which was just opening when we walked by. It is a cute little French style bistro. It was a lovely way to start off the day.Brad’s full English breakfastWe then headed off to “run errands”. We wanted to get some Great British Pounds for our wallets, a SIM card for our phone and some groceries. All accomplished with ease. By the time we got back to our flat, we were feeling a little tired from the jet lag, so we decided to spend some time on the “hop on hop off” bus to get oriented to the city.Yes, it is Whole FoodsAround noon we got on the bus, just a few blocks from our flat. We toured around for three hours … although it seems like a lot of that time was spent sitting at stops. We didn’t actually hop off anywhere, but rather just enjoyed getting an overview of the area. I was nodding off a bit while we rode around, so when we got back to the flat, I took a nap.We decided to give the pub across the street, the Gloucester Arms, a try for dinner. Brad had a Guinness and I tried a G&T with a honeybee gin. It was fine for one meal, but we both agreed we didn’t need to go back.Chicken and wild mushroom pie, and chicken tikka skewers for dinnerAfter dinner, we went for a stroll around the neighborhood. We wound up in Kensington Garden, which is lovely. The park was bustling with people walking, running, exercising, biking, walking their dogs, and just generally enjoying the place and the evening. I am trying to get Brad to agree to use the rent-a-bikes to ride around the park (I would never ride out onto the streets, though!). We ran into some royalty along the way.Queen VictoriaDespite having spent the largest part of the day on the bus, we still managed to get in almost 7 miles of walking. We are pondering what to do tomorrow, the big Trump demonstration day. The news said that 100,000 people might be participating in various places around London. While we agree with the sentiment of the protestors, and we would like to get an up close view of the Trump Baby balloon, we don’t want to get caught up in a large, potentially angry crowd in an unfamiliar city. I enjoy spending the last minutes of my day while we’re on vacation writing down what we’ve been doing and some of our observations. When we get home, I take all these blog postings and photos and turn them into a printed photo book. We occasionally take the books from prior trips out and remember the fun times we’ve had in our travels. Hope you enjoy hearing about our adventures.

2 thoughts on “Getting to know the ‘hood

  1. Dear Sue and Brad, You make my day, I just love reading about all your wonderful ventures. Just keep them coming. Thank You, With warm thoughts, PatM.

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