Summer Streets & Shopping

  • Today we dedicated to shopping. One of the reasons is that there was a “Summer Streets” event at Regent Street today. This reminded us of the “Sunday Streets” in Eugene, so we thought we would give it a go.

  • We started out by heading to Covent Garden. My friend, Nan, had recommended this experience to us. The place is abuzz with activity. There are lots of street performers around the area. We saw several musicians, a magician, someone on a very tall unicycle, and more. The shops are a mix of high-end stores and artisan street booths. We spent about an hour wandering around.
Scenes from Covent Garden
  • We noticed that the London Transport Museum was located in a corner of the area, so we decided to head in for a look. It was a very nice museum. We enjoyed tracing the history of public transportation in London from the 1800’s to the present. There was a set of “stamps” that you could get as you made your way around the exhibits. I had to knock the 8 year old kids out of the way to stamp my card. I could never find the last station, though.

    There was a special exhibit called the Poster Girls. We enjoyed looking at the art that various women created for London’s transport companies starting in the early 1900’s.
    • One of the oddest things we saw were the individual air raid shelters. These were placed around railway yards and other exposed locations for staff to take cover, if needed.
    • The stroll from Covent Garden to Regent Street was lovely too. There was so much activity with all sorts of people out strolling along the avenues. I stopped into a candy store to try to find Twiglets, but was unsuccessful.
    • Then off to Regent Street. There were musicians, food booths and other kinds of experiences set out along the street, which was blocked from auto traffic. But yet, it was still Regent Street, with wildly expensive shops. We didn’t even go into any of them, as there didn’t seem to be any point.
    Regent Street Summer Streets, music in an Airstream, exercise class on the street
      We did, however, go into Liberty of London, where I had the chance to look over their beautiful cotton and silk fabrics. The store itself is in a gorgeous old department store building. Brad got a nice shot of the street from the top of the store while I shopped.
    Liberty of London storefront, view of the atrium and balconies inside, and street view from the top of the store
      We then headed back to home, picking up some supplies for dinner and G&Ts, so we could watch the FIFA World Cup finals.

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