Postcard kind of itinerary today

  • We got off to a blazing start, leaving the flat by about 11 AM. We pondered a few different ideas for what to do today and wound up doing what’s on this postcard: The Shard and the Tower Bridge. This is a lovely evening photo, but we were there during the day, of course.

  • The Shard got its name due to it’s shape … like a shard of glass that fell down from the sky. It opened in 2012 and at 1,016 feet high, it is the tallest building in Western Europe. It has viewing platforms open to the public (for a grand fee) on the 68th, 69th and 72nd floors. So why, you say, would I be willing to go to the top of The Shard, after my failed attempt to go to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral yesterday??
This is what St. Paul’s looks like from the top of The Shard.
  • I think it’s a lot easier to get in an elevator to the top of a tall building, versus climbing up 528 steps in a spiral staircase … not as much time to think about things. It was a terrific elevator!

Us at the top of the Shard; the Shard from the London Bridge Station.
  • We enjoyed a cup of coffee at the top, and just took in the scenery from WAYYY up high over London. We bought the cheesy photos they took of us as we entered the Shard, and then they inserted us into different scenes.

  • Here’s a view from The Shard of our next stop, the Tower Bridge:

  • It looks like a Victorian era bridge, but it is only 125 years old, made to look older. We got to tour the engine room and then climb up into the two towers. There’s a glass floor that you walk on way up there (there was a mirror above the glass floor).

  • After such a grueling day of sightseeing (it was 3PM by now), we needed some sustenance. After a brief google search, we landed at The Hide. All of their drinks are sourced in London. They had two kinds of alcohol … gin and not gin. The snacks were good too!

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