Lazy Saturday

  • Once again, we slept in rather late … but we are on vacation, so it’s OK, right? We had plans to go to Portobello Market today, based on a recommendation from the nice couple we met last night at dinner. But when we tried to figure out how to get there this morning, we hit a roadblock. There are a number of tube lines that are not operating this weekend, so it is difficult to get to some places, and apparently Portobello Road is the epicenter of the tube black hole. Since Brad was emphatic about NO BUSSES, we decided to just change our plan.
  • We headed over to Covent Garden again to walk around a bit and enjoy the atmosphere. Our serendipity of the day was enjoying our first affogato. This is an espresso with a scoop of gelato, and our pal Hal recently told us about this delicious concoction.

  • We enjoyed the atmosphere at Covent Garden while sipping our coffee treats. Then we walked around a bit, looking for the pub that one of Brad’s friends recommended. We didn’t go in, but we did get a photo.

  • It was hot and muggy, so we headed home to take showers and freshen up before our main event for the day: afternoon tea at Claridge’s Hotel. This is a high end establishment … more than $1000 per night for the least expensive room. High tea isn’t quite so expensive!

    The tea room was beautiful, in an Art Deco style. I went into the Ladies Room to wash up before tea, and there was an attendant in there that turned on the water for me. A service I didn’t know I needed. :-).
Entrance into the tea room
  • Amazing chandelier. I wondered how they clean it …
      We first had a nice cup of tea, and then Renata brought us a plate of sandwiches. We could have had another plate of sandwiches, but one was more than enough. Next came the warm scones with clotted cream and jam. Last came some cakes. All along, Renata brought us more tea as we required it.
    • We went back to our flat, stuffed and happy. Although it seems like all we did is eat today, we did manage to get in a decent amount of steps.
      Good night!

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