A few miscellaneous things while we have a quiet Sunday morning

  • Every night after I post the blog, I think of something else I could have said, or Brad asks … did you include xyz in the post? So here are a few things that I didn’t include in previous postings.
  • When Brad went to the gentlemen’s room at Fortnum and Mason, one of the sales clerks remarked “Nice bush pants” as he walked by. Brad did not take that as a compliment.
    • When we had high tea at Claridges, one of the men that was working the room (not sure what his position was) came over to chat with us. He asked how our trip was going, and we mentioned that we would be going on the cruise, as a retirement celebration for me. He said he is from Cork, which will be the first stop on our cruise, and Brad told him we want to go to the Roaring Donkey tavern. He, of course, knew the tavern and said we should get a Guinness and sit and watch the world go by from there. After he left, we went back to eating too much sugar and drinking tea … and a few minutes later he returned with this:
    • I have been working on my braids … I am braiding impaired, but my friend Amanda gave me some lessons. So I am trying to learn how to braid better while on this trip. Some days are more successful than others.
    • I discovered a new drink when we were at the London Gin Club. It’s called the Bees Knees … a drink from the 1920’s. It’s fairly sweet, kind of like a lemon drop but using honey instead of sugar. Yum.
    • We have been seeing a lot of rubber duck souvenirs. Brad keeps trying to get me to purchase some to add to my collection. I developed my collection when I had a young nephew and small grandkids, who appreciated playing with them when they were bathing. They aren’t as interested any more. But look at this great display at the British Museum!
    • You will be jealous, but I ran across monster Jeff Goldblum when we were visiting the Tower Bridge.
    • I kept asking Brad what this roundish building is … turns out it is City Hall. I said we should visit, but Brad said no because I am retired.
    • Brad is, as he usually does, working on a collection of bathroom photos, but that will come as a separate post later. We are off soon for our Sunday adventures … more later.

    2 thoughts on “A few miscellaneous things while we have a quiet Sunday morning

    1. That was super nice of the folks at Claridge’s! Regarding braids: it gets easier! The “Helga”, as I call it (braids encircling the face and going around the back) is a really hard style to do on yourself. Hope your last day on UK soil is going well! Gearing up for a stretch of dry sunny hot weather here.

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