Art on the Underground

  • Bonus post that I’ve been working on during our London stay.
  • Transporting around the City of London in the tube could be rather drab, dreary and depressing … but it isn’t at all! The system has a 100 year history of supporting the arts of various kinds, and the historic art posters make great postcards and souvenirs. Here is some of what we experienced while in/on the London tubes. We saw visual arts, mixed media installations and poems … heard music …
  • This Tube Map art was created by a Romanian artist Geta Bratescu. The piece is called Game of Forms, in the form of a collage.

  • We saw one other tube map with art on it, but I don’t have the attribution.

  • Gloucester Road Station: This one is called “my name is lettie eggsyrub” by Heather Phillipson. Brad took a panorama and I took another shot of just a portion of it. Note the chicken’s feet and the the video monitors.
Brad captured a panorama of the mixed media installation
    Charing Cross Station: This one had several kinds of poster type art. Two that we liked were these (sorry, no attributions):
    • Music … a singer/guitar player, a piano for anyone to play (or a bench to sit on), and a cheesy musician whose puppets sang Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” at Tottenham Road Station.

    • Mosaics at the Tottenham Road Station:

    • Poetry on one of the train cars:

    • And one last gem. This isn’t tube art. It is one more piece of street art that I neglected to include in my last post. Brad captured this one. Isn’t it sweet?
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