Embarkation Day

  • This is the big day. We head out from Southampton and get on our ship, the Sea Princess. But before we embark, we had a morning to fill. We got up early to make sure we could reserve a taxi to the ship … even though it isn’t far, we didn’t really want to lug our bags at mid-day in this muggy heat. So breakfast at 8, and taxi reservation shortly after. Brad said his breakfast seemed like crepes, but I reminded him that they were “American Pancakes”.

  • We booked a “guaranteed” cabin, which meant that we were guaranteed a cabin of a particular fare class, but not a specific cabin number. Patiently, we waited for our cabin assignment, but as late as last week, nothing. Finally, while we were in London, our assignment arrived. We booked a balcony cabin, but we got a slight upgrade to a mid-cabin balcony, which was lovely.
  • However, there was a twist. At the same time, we also got a message from Princess that they would give us a full refund of our fare … IF we were willing to take an inside cabin. Well, that is a tough one. On the one hand, our fare was a significant amount of money. On the other hand, we have planned this trip for nearly a year, and really were looking forward to having an especially nice cabin. Because both of us are introverts, having a balcony cabin gives us the ability to both be in the cabin, but also have some separate space. The last time we had a balcony cabin, Brad would go to bed early, and I would sit out on the balcony and read … which didn’t disturb him. It was perfect.
  • So we discussed it and decided to stick with the plan and keep the balcony cabin. I am sitting on the balcony right now, still in port, looking at the nearly full moon. It is quiet and lovely. Right decision!

  • We got on board shortly after noon. This is a segment of a “world cruise”, so many of the people have been on board for months already. The turnover was not as chaotic as a full ship turnover, so it was fairly easy to go through the checkpoints and get on the ship. Our cabin was ready when we got on board. It has what seems to be a very nice and comfortable bed and enough space for all our stuff. So far so good.
  • We went to the dining room for an early dinner. We had Vesko for our waiter, from Serbia. He just got on the ship three days ago and is on a five month contract. It was a quiet, pleasant dinner. Then we had to do the obligatory safety briefing at the muster point. That was accompanied by very badly written lyrics about safety sung to the tune of Love Boat.
  • Then back to the cabin, after a tour around the promenade deck. Despite the fact that we didn’t seem to have done much today, we still managed to log in over 12K steps. Three turns around the ship = 1 mile, and I am sure we did at least that many as we explored the various decks, in addition to the steps we got on our morning walk around Southampton before boarding.
  • We have internet on board, but it is limited, so not sure how often I will be able to post updates ….

One thought on “Embarkation Day

  1. So exciting! Love hearing about the ship. That’s crazy, that you were offered a full refund to change cabins! That all worked out well, despite the uncertainty going in as to what kind of accommodations you’d have. I love the photo of you looking up at Brad, Sue! Very sweet. Bon voyage!!

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