First day at sea

  • This is what we love about cruising. Being at sea. We both enjoy looking out at the horizon, hearing the ocean noises, smelling the fresh sea air. We aren’t so much into all of the on board activities, and there are so many of them. We could have taken ukulele lessons, participated in line dancing, heard a lecture about some obscure marine battle in 1939, or played bingo, among many others. But we passed on almost all of the opportunities.

  • Instead, we had our breakfast and walked around the promenade a bit. Stood in a long line to figure out how to make the internet work (it was very simple once he explained it to us … but there aren’t good instructions). Then it was lunch time. Haha.
  • In the afternoon, we staked out some lounge chairs on the promenade deck with our reading materials. We were on the less popular side of the ship, the one without the sun, which was fine by us. And it turned out to be a good place to hang out, as we were able to enjoy watching a pod of at least two or three dozen dolphins! They were frolicking around, jumping up and out of the water, and coming really close to the ship. It was a good five minutes or so of dolphin show. No photos, though.

  • We came back to the cabin to get ready for dinner, and we heard a really loud mechanical noise … so we went out on our deck to see what was happening. Brad said it was like gophers … everyone was popping their heads out beyond their railings to see what was up. It was a rather large helicopter. It circled our ship, and then flew over the ship. We have no idea what kind of helicopter it was or why it buzzed us. But it gave us a few exciting moments.
  • It was formal night for dinner. We didn’t bring our formal clothes, so we went to the buffet, which was fine. We didn’t need a big dinner, given our meals already for the day. Then we headed over to the Atrium to stake out a table at one of the bars. There was to be an introduction of the new captain who took over yesterday, and the senior staff members, along with a champagne fountain. We couldn’t miss that!

  • The disappointing news from the ship’s bar is that they do not stock Fever Tree tonic … only Schweppes, so I had to switch drinks (I am spoiled). I am searching for my new favorite. I tend towards blue in my drinks when I don’t know what to get. Although this one was good, it is hardly an every-night kind of drink. :-). We also got several complimentary mimosas in honor of the crew introduction. Not my favorite, but the server kept coming by and putting new drinks on our table, so what was I to do …?

  • The seas are a little rough tonight. They have put out the barf bags along all of the stairwells, just in case. Neither Brad nor I usually get seasick, but you never know.
  • Tomorrow we will be in Cobh (Cork) Ireland for the day. No ship excursions planned, but Brad has an alternate itinerary for us. He should be a travel guide. He is so good at prepping. He does a google earth walk around the area so he knows what it will be like when he gets there. He plots out the best route. I am luck to have such talent as my guide!
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