Two days at sea … on our way to Reykjavik

  • We are in the North Atlantic, on our way to Iceland. Today is day two at sea. Here is a map of our current location.

  • It really does feel lonely here. I know, how could I be lonely with 2000 passengers and 910 crew?? What I mean is that yesterday, we didn’t see another ship at all, and only three single birds during the day. Our ship is alone out here in the middle of the ocean. We can’t see anything but water and sky. It is beautiful, but if I think too hard about it, I can get a little worried about what would happen if we had some kind of incident.

  • This cruise originated in Sydney, and it is a round trip, taking about 106 days. Yesterday was “half-way” day for those that are taking the whole journey … 53 days at sea for them. The passengers are largely from Australia … we haven’t yet met another American on board.
  • As I usually do, I attended the art auction on board yesterday. All of the ships have them and I always go for the entertainment value. No one actually bought anything yesterday, but they could have spent a lot of money. For some reason, the ships all have Peter Max art on board, and the first item they showed was one of his that retails for $30K. It was one of the Umbrella Man series, similar to this one. You can get financing … they make it so easy.

  • One artist I liked was Romero Britto. He does very vivid, pop art style work, some of it in metal. Here is an example of one they showed yesterday. I think it retailed for $8K or so.

  • I sat with Kate, a nice woman from Perth, for the auction. Neither of us were intent on buying anything, although she said she purchased four pieces on a previous cruise. We had a good chat. She brought up our president, and had a lot to say about him. It’s a bit embarrassing.
  • Last night, the sunset was lovely. I had fun trying different lighting settings on my camera while observing the natural art from our balcony cabin.
  • One thought on “Two days at sea … on our way to Reykjavik

    1. I can imagine, without experiential knowledge, that thinking about being in the middle of the ocean could be unsettling. Love the idea of sleeping on the rolling seas*, with an expansive, civilization-free view that stretches out in all directions. Sounds beautiful.

      * Hopefully, only very gently rolling

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