Chat with a waiter from Serbia (By Brad)

  • We went to the Wheelhouse Bar for a pre-dinner drink. It’s a bar buried in the center of the ship that should have been quiet. We sat down and were taking in the ambiance when the Australian/Kiwi swing dance session started. It was a bit of musical flashback for some tunes we could recognize and others….totally new. I will say we were the youngest people in the bar…..that should have been a hint. It was fun to watch the dancing…..clearly Sue and I were just observers given our keen love for dancing (NOT!).
  • After a bit, a waiter came over and took our drink order. I had a Negroni and Sue had her new favorite drink, the 24 karat margarita. When our drinks arrived, we started casually chatting with the waiter. He clearly had an accent. We asked where are your from? Duhhhh….if only we’d read his name tag, we should have known. His name is Peter and he is from Serbia. Then he asked us if we knew where Serbia was. I said yes and that I had made many radio contacts from amateur radio operators in Serbia. The waiter responded by asking, “Do you know who invented radio?” I said “Yes, Nicola Tesla”. His face lit up and he entered a lengthy description of everything that Tesla had invented, the CIA stealing his work when he died, but most importantly, Tesla was from Serbia! He was very proud of being from Serbia.
  • Then the conversation took an awkward turn. He told us he is not supposed to talk about politics with the guests, but he said that he supports Trump. Not in the ways that Trump supporters in the US support him, but from a different perspective. He said people should give him a chance…….he’s not a politician. He felt that Trump was breaking the mold on a lot of long held US positions that needed changing….North Korea for example. His views were about the bigger world picture, not the day to day junk we keep seeing on TV. Sue and I were both surprised by how articulate he was about what good Trump might be able to do on the world stage. You could tell from the conversation that he firmly sees that as a truth. We didn’t argue with him about his views as looking at it from his perspective were quite valid.
  • We finished our drinks and worked on the last of the peanuts. We had a few more chats with the waiter before we departed. In retrospect, we found the discussion a lot of fun and learned a bit about how one could view Trump’s efforts in a way that is more positive than we hear about at home.
  • [Comment from Sue: all of the folks we’ve spoken with from New Zealand and Australia think Americans are crazy for having this embarrassing president.]

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