Greenland, Day Two

  • We arrived early this morning at Nanortalik, a day later than we expected. Brad captured a nice view of the sunrise as we motored into our anchor position.
  • The name Nanortalik means “Place of Polar Bears” or “Place Where the Polar Bears Go”.

  • When we got here, we instantly understood why the captain didn’t want to come here yesterday when there were 60 MPH winds. The path to get to our anchor spot was littered with rocks, small islands and lots of bergie bits. Today the weather was much better. Not too cold, no rain, sunshine … perfect.
    • There were some similarities between the Greenland port we visited yesterday and this one, like some very colorful houses. However, there were also a lot of differences. The terrain was quite different. Lots of granite and some tundra-like landscape. Not that I have experienced a tundra, but from hearing about it from my dad and stepmom, I am thinking this is similar. Variety of small plants with a kind of spongy, springy feeling when you walk over them. Some interesting plants that we’ve never seen before.
    • We wandered by the church, which was picturesque, but not open.

    • We then headed to the open air museum. It is in a village-like setting, with several traditional buildings open with exhibits inside. We learned more about what the life and traditions were like in this part of the island.

    • The exhibits included items related to both of our hobbies. Really old versions of ham radios and sewing machines.

    • One thing that intrigued me was this woodcut. I googled it afterwards and found this out: This woodcut was included on the cover of the 1973 debut album of a Greenlandic rock band named Sume. The cover showed a reproduction of a woodcut made by the artist Aron of Kangeq in 1860 that depicts a scene from Greenlandic myth in which the legendary figure Qasapi has just cut the arm of the dead body of the Norsemen chief Uunngortoq.

    • There was a dog hanging out at the base of a large rock in the museum, with a viewpoint on top. The dog was very friendly and wanted lots of attention.

    • The view from the top of the rock was lovely.

    • We wandered from the open air museum to the other end of town, where there was a picturesque lake.
    • Then we headed back towards the ship. We stopped in the grocery store, which again had a lovely bakery. We tried a couple of selections (since they aren’t feeding us enough on the ship, haha). Then we went to get a stamp and mail a postcard.
    • After a couple of hours to relax on board, we went to the celebration of International Beer Day at the Wheelhouse Bar. I had my favorite 24 karat margarita (well, to be technical, I had two of them), and Brad tried the beer flight. We got a chance to say hello again to our favorite Serbian waiter, Peter.
    • Next, we have two days at sea, and then we land in Newfoundland.
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