Flotsam and jetsam

  • We’ve got a sea day, so you know what that means … miscellaneous thoughts and bits of (useless) information.
  • Celebrations: You can tell Princess that you are celebrating something, and they will mark the occasion. I told them I was retiring, and in order to fill out the form, I had to pick a date. Well, I retired before I got on board, but I chose August 1 (one month anniversary of retirement). They had balloons and a sign at our cabin door, and at dinner, our favorite Serbian Waiter, Vesko, brought a nice chocolate cake with a candle on it. Sweet.

  • Death cruise: We heard (could just be a rumor) that so far 8 people have died while on this world cruise. It is rumored that some people come on a cruise like this specifically to die. The person that told us this gave as proof: “Just look around!” She said that the cruise line has them cremated and sends them home. Maybe that’s what’s on the lower decks that we can’t access????
    Can I return these? In Reykjavik, I decided to buy a pair of nice socks, since I neglected to pack any knee socks and I was worried about being cold as we traipsed around Greenland. They were not cheap,and I won’t be packing them home with me. Enough said in the photo:
    • Restroom updates: Unfortunately, there won’t be a second edition of Brad’s restroom reviews, as there isn’t much material to work with. But he did snap this one when we were in Qaqortoq a few days ago. Fortunately, it was in a restaurant in which we were a customer, so no charge.
    • Elevator serenade: Sometimes, it is like a party on the elevators. A brief but fun encounter. The other day we had a serenade by someone carrying his ukulele. Yes, people brought their ukuleles on board. In fact, there is ukulele practice every day.
      Beautiful music in the wheelhouse bar: While we sit and enjoy the drinks that Peter, the Serbian waiter, brings us, we get different kinds of entertainment. I wrote about the “sequence dancing” before … but yesterday, we had Tessa and Jorge, who were billed as providing us with “beautiful music”. Brad said it sounded like the music at the roller rink, just before they did the hokey pokey. This was so true, and when he said it, I almost spit out my drink from laughing. He then told me all about Kreklaus, for you old Eugeneans.
      Dogs: We have been missing our puppy, Kaia, who is being taken care of by Mom. She is a black lab, and our neighbors recently got an English lab (chocolate), so when we walk around, we look for dogs, especially labs. Some of them have made it into the blog already, but here are some nice labs that we saw in Cobb. They were gracious and let us pet them.
    • Serbian Emily Post: Vesko is teaching us about cutlery at the formal dining room tables. Tonight, he gave a lesson on the fish knife. First of all, I wanted to order fish but couldn’t decide which one. He said he would bring a small sample of one, and a full plate of of the other. Well, he lied and brought me a full dinner of both … one of the benefits of being on a cruise ship. I could have twelve main courses if I wanted.
    • I preferred the orange roughy to the cod, in case you wondered. In any event, Vesko brought me a fish knife. Of course, I had to ask what it was … and I requested a lesson on how to use it. He did so with good spirits.
    • Tomorrow, we will be in Saguenay, Quebec. We have scheduled a zodiac ride around a fjord park. Stay tuned for the next episode … same bat time, same bat channel.

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