Of shoes and ships and sealing-wax

  • We are on the downside of this trip. We have only four days until we are home. One more port to go … Halifax … and we will arrive on Monday. So on to the main business of this post … more miscellany for you.
  • Love Boat: You may know that the Love Boat was filmed on the Pacific Princess. As a result, we get to watch old episodes of the show. We are enjoying seeing all of the stars of the 70’s as guest stars.
  • Brad’s Rabbit: Brad has a travel companion, besides me. He has brought along his trusty rabbit. Occasionally, he will insert the rabbit into the action. Isn’t it cute?

  • Romel: Our cabin steward is Romel. The cabin steward is the person who cleans the cabin twice a day! In the morning, while we are at breakfast, he comes in and makes the bed, cleans the bathroom and generally straightens up. While we are at dinner, he does the routine again … and leaves chocolates on our pillow. The joke in the cruise ship is that if you get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the cabin steward comes in and makes the bed for you. Romel is providing us with excellent service. We saw him while we were out and about in Saguenay … he told us he likes to get ice cream while he is out.

  • Norwegian Fjord Packet Boat Trip: We are on board with folks who have done a lot of world travel. A couple of them have told us that their favorite country/trip was the Norwegian fjord packet boat trip. It appears to be a cross between a cruise ship and a mail boat. We’ve looked up the trip and it looks pretty interesting. This is now on our list of possible future trips. I still hope to see the northern lights … maybe on this new idea for a trip? Check it out: https://www.hurtigruten.com/destinations/norway/.
  • Taxidermy shop: In Saguenay, we stopped in a nice native art gallery to peruse the selections. Oddly, however, it also served as a taxidermy shop. There were various types of stuffed critters that we could have purchased … a fox, a beaver, squirrels, and something I was unfamiliar with, a marcassin. We opted to forego the opportunity to bring one of these stuffed critters home, although we are sure Kaia would have been happy if we did.

  • Badges: At my job, we used to have to wear our ID badges on a lanyard around our necks as a security measure, and as a convenience since we needed the badges to get into various locked areas. When I retired, I was happy that I didn’t have to wear the lanyard any more … until I got on the ship. We have a cruise card that we basically have to carry with us everywhere. It serves as the key to our cabins, as well as a charge card for our drinks, and we have to get it scanned whenever we check in or out of the ship. Many people put their cards on a lanyard, just like at the office. “Don’t forget your badge!”
  • Raffles: One of the ways that we are entertained on board is to entice us to events by offering raffles. The most common raffle prize is a bottle of champagne. Well, for us that’s not much of a draw, as neither of us favors the bubbly. However, I made sure to put in for the raffles at each of the art auctions, because there are some other prizes too. Well, yesterday, I hit the jackpot. I won TWO of the raffles at the art auction … both of them were small pieces of jewelry from the on-board shop. There was one other woman who won two raffles yesterday too. Must have been our lucky day.
  • Our Favorite Serbian Bar Waiter: I know you’ve heard so much about Peter, the waiter in the Wheelhouse Bar … you want to see his pic. Well, we got one yesterday. We have really enjoyed chatting with him every evening as we sip our drinks, eat our bar snacks and watch the sequence dancing before dinner.

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