A card we bought. “Atlantic Coast” by Kelly Burgess.
  • Today is our last port, before we hit NYC in a couple of days and then head home. We opted to go it on our own in this port, rather than arrange for a tour. There seemed like plenty to do in the area right around the cruise ship dock. And the weather was forecasted to be beautiful, so why not?

  • Halifax has a lovely harbor walk that goes on for a couple of miles. It is lined with shops and restaurants, and musicians set up along the way. There was a spin class going on at the end of a dock while we walked by. Plenty to see and do, even though it was a Sunday and a bunch of stuff was closed.

  • We were greeted by a giant lobster as we left the ship. For those of you who have never gone on a cruise, they always have a photographer at the gangway, and usually some silly costumed person available so you can have your photo taken at each port. And then it’s only $15 to buy the photo, of course. We will have to wait until tomorrow to see if the lobster photo is worth buying. 🙂

  • The citadel is at the high point, of course. We walked up to the site, but didn’t go inside the museum. We just took in the view and worked out our leg muscles.

  • On our way to see the old cemetery, we were able to catch the tail end of a changing of the guard, complete with bagpipes. We thought of our friend Jim, who loves (haha … no … really he hates) bagpipes.

  • Before we went on this trip, Brad did a lot of research about what to do in each port. One of his techniques was to “walk” down the streets using google earth. When we get to a port, he would say … we turn here, and that’s the building, the one with the red roof … since he was virtually there before. The one thing he wanted to do in Halifax was to go to a pub called the Stubborn Goat. We made our way there just about at noon, and got a nice table outside in the shade. Good thing we got there when we did, because shortly thereafter, a line formed and there was a wait. I decided to get a beer (again, why not?), and we both got sandwiches … halloumi for Brad and lobster salad for me. They were very good, but we could easily have split one between us. The server asked if we wanted to take the rest with us … oh sure, in case there isn’t enough food on the ship, right??

  • The afternoon warmed up quite a bit, but since we were strolling leisurely, it was just fine. There were several craft shops, which always are a draw for me. And then we had to stop at another brew pub for a flight of beer. We met a nice Aussie couple from our ship while enjoying the selections at Garrison’s.
  • The arctic terns were not at all scared of people. Lots of them were on the harbor walk, and we could walk almost right up to them. They are sure pretty. We also saw a couple of harbor seals, and Brad says he saw a whale while I was in the bathroom (sure … I saw 10 while he was in the bathroom … haha).

  • As we strolled around town, we realized there were a number of transportation options that we didn’t use on this trip (to go along with Brad’s transportation review from a few days ago). My personal favorite was the bubble bike, which we enjoyed from afar.

  • It is a little sad to be leaving this place … such a pleasant day, and our last port. One more sea day, and then we’ll be in the Big Apple, ready to fly home.

One thought on “Halifax

  1. Hi Sue and Brad, I miss your blogs, you certainly had an interesting and varied trip. Thank you so much for sharing  it with me. You visited places in Canada I have never been to. I never ever made it to Newfoundland and I don't suppose I will now. My son in-laws Mother was from Cornerbrook and good friend of mine, she returned there after her husband died and she passed on a year later. To her there was no place like Newfoundland, her family were pioneers in that country originally from Labrador. I've been  to Halifax a few times over the years. My granddaughter attended Dalhousie University in Halifax for four years and she loved it,  So I went for her graduation last June 2017, we had a wonderful 5days there the University is a beautiful old school and not too big. While there I  was able to spend some time with some dear old friends in Dartmouth which is across the bay from Halifax.  Everywhere we went there seemed to be a lot of young people maybe because it was June and graduation time , there are 2 university's and 2 colleges in that small city.  So where's  the next trip going to be?  Norway is a great place to go, we loved it.  We didn't take the trip to the big Fjords but we spent a day visiting some smaller ones near Bergen. I'm sure you'll see the Northern lights.  You could hop across to the Orkneys they have some beautiful views of the lights  its only about 160 miles across the sea from Norway. My distant cousin John Mowat  lives there, he is a retired  Physics teacher and fluent in Norwegian now is tour guiding. He's a Mowat from my Grandmother's side of the family. By the way My grandson who just graduated from Physics Engineering this year is heading out on an adventure next week and will be gone about 3 months. Their first stop is Reykjavik.,Iceland, their back packing it  so will only be there for a day or two, any suggestions as to what they must see. From Iceland their going to Scotland where they will be spending time with friends near Glasgow. I'm sure your still getting adjusted to life on land and getting caught up with things on the home front.  Thanks Again My Friends,As always,Pat      

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